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Ronda Englander

Vice President, Family Programs

Child advocacy has long been a passion for Ronda. For over 25 years, she has worked as a child advocate, supporting children in need and promoting child health and education issues

Ronda holds a Masters degree from The University of Texas in Child Development and has worked with youth populations at Brackenridge Hospital in Austin, at the Child Life Department at John's Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, worked as a Child Life Specialist at Children's Medical Center in Dallas, and as the Director of the Early Childhood Center at La Vega Independent School District in Waco.

From a chance meeting with Trevor in 2003, the Trevor Romain Company—a children's educational publishing company—was born. In 2008, eager to pursue their vision of helping children cope during difficult times, the Comfort Crew for Military Kids was launched.

Having lost her father in combat during the Vietnam War, Ronda has had a special passion for the difficulties faced by military families. She has participated in the Huey 091 Foundation, a foundation focused on military loss. Ronda's personal experience and understanding of the challenges faced by military families resulted in the Foundation developing a partnership with the DOD and USO, and the eventual creation of resources specifically designed for military children.